Blackfork Ragnarok Online

This Wiki is made For Blackfork RO players who found hard time in playing Ragnarok Online. This will Contain Player made guides that may come from Guides Section Of the forum that is Approved by the GM's Mods and Admin.

Current Version

  • V.1.8a


Bgi temp

Login Page

Getting Started

Installing Client

  • Download the client
  • Install it on the latest fresh KRO client
  • Run the Patcher
  • Check Client Version
  • If you dont have the latest Version please upgrade it with our separate Client version upgrader


  • Go to Control panel
  • Click on register button
  • Fill out the forms
  • You're now Good to go

Starting the game

  • Know your OS ( If vista/7 user run patcher on admi mode)
  • Run patcher
  • Click Start game Button
  • Wait for the splash screen to fade

Screen Shots