Jiangshi classes are specialized on both swords and magic. According to rumors, Rune Knights learn their rune techniques from them as well as bolt magics used by sages.

They master Dark Magics and are opposed by the Church of Prontera.

Job QuestEdit

1. Traveling Knight

Traveling Knight - mintche ( 82, 70 )

Simply talk to the NPC. He will direct you to the Old Dirk.

Located in mintche ( 82, 70 )

Requirements: You must be a novice at base level 20 and job level 10 in order to start the quest.

2. Old Dirk

Old Dirk - payon_in02 ( 52, 37 )

Simply talk to him. He will direct you to the Cave Guard.

This NPC can be found on the 2nd warp portal of the house located near the Payon Cave entrance, payon_in02 ( 52, 37 )

Requirements: Not Applicable.

3. Cave Guard

Cave Guard - pay_arche ( 37, 127 )

Again, simply talk to him. He will want you to get him a Familiar Card before he will teach you where is the Summoned Munak

Located in Payon Archer Guild near the Payon Cave entrance, pay_arche ( 37, 127 )

Requirements: 1 Familiar Card.

4. Summoned Munak

Summoned Munak - pay_dun01 ( 103, 122 )

Talk to the Munak. He will then warp you to the Odin Temple look-a-like map.

Located in the center of Payon Cave F2, pay_dun01 ( 103, 122 )

Be careful of Soldier and Archer Skeletons. As much as possible, take a high-level character with you. Requirements: Not Applicable.

...Just walk up to the warp portal located in the lower-middle of the map

Warp Portal - job3_arch02 ( 249, 33 )

5. Jiangshi

Talk to the Jiangshi. This test will require you to gather 50 Jade Plates and 15 Skeleton Rings(appraised or not appraised) on Zombies and Skeletons that can be found on the map where you are before(Odin Temple look-a-like map).

After gathering these items, talk to the Jiangshi again, and it will require you to talk to Nyublem

Located in the Jiangshi Guild, job3_guil03 ( 111, 51 )

Requirements: 50 Jade Plates and 15 Skeleton Rings

6. Nyublem

After you finished all the quest above, talk to this NPC and it will change you to Jiangshi class.


Located in the Jiangshi Guild, job3_guil03 ( 103, 61 )


Magic SkillsEdit

  • Cold Bolt
  • Fire Bolt
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Double Casting

Sword SkillsEdit

  • Bash
  • Bowling Bash

Passive SkillsEdit

  • Increase HP recovery
  • Swordmastery
  • Increase SP recovery