Mercenaries are soldiers that will fight at your side on the battlefield. A summon scroll will call a mercenary to your side. There are 3 basic mercenaries in the ragnarok world but it doesn't matter because we have now customs of them, namely the doppelganger
and the egnigem cenia.

The Doppelganger Scroll and the Egnigem Cenia Scroll is being bought in the Newbie Freebies NPC for 8 cash points.
(this is called free because you just have to vote for BFRO server and earn cash points)

Getting StartedEdit

For those who just wanted their Mercenary AI to be fixed, here are the download links:
[ Mirror 1 ]( - 90kb)
[ Mirror 2 ]( - 90kb)

locate your RO folder
delete the AI folder and make a new one(or simply delete all of the files inside it)
then extract what you have downloaded to it

* BFRO game window must be closed before extracting
* Ensure that your KRO, Client, etc. are patched and up-to-date.
* This is my AI settings, probably wont work for all of you so just edit it. PM me or reply if you want a guide.


  • No feeding required.
  • Has a maximum of 15 cells away from the summoner.
  • Can be used both in PvP and WoE maps, but couldn’t damage the emperium.
  • Stats increase based on kill count.
  • Auto-casts self buffs based on kill count.
  • Contract lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Players get all the experience from the monster that the mercenary has killed.
  • Players can only summon mercenaries one at a time.
  • You can buffs the mercenary but with restrictions.

- Only the contractor can cast Aspersio skill on their mercenary.
- Blessing Mercenary will receive a boost to its hit rate only, and will cure cursed status.
- Heal only recovers 1/2 the normal amount that it would heal a player.

Basic CommandsEdit

  • Follow custom/basic AI - type "/merai"
  • Mercenary Info Menu - Ctrl + R
  • Target Enemy - Alt + Left Click (on monster)
  • Moving - Alt + Left Click (on ground)
  • Standby - Ctrl + T

End of ContractEdit

  • Contractor Dies - The player summoning the Mercenary has died.
  • Mercenary Dies - The mercenary summoned has died.
  • Contract Ends - The mercenary contract lasts 30 minutes, after which the mercenary will leave.
  • Contract Canceled - The player manually dismisses the mercenary.